This site is all about bread machine recipes!  It features over 55 traditional bread machine recipes.  We don’t stop there though!  You’ll find 20 recipes for the dough setting of your machine, 3 incredible recipes for the cake setting and we’ve even got a few recipes for the home made (programmable) bread machine course.  We don’t leave the jam setting out either!

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Last Updated April 1, 2024 – Originally published on July 23, 2020

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  • Most Popular Bread Machine Recipes

    Here’s a quick list of the most popular recipes on my website. 

    #1 – Hawaiian Bread Recipe

    I think this recipe has been at the top spot ever since I started the website.  You’ll love this bread! We found the crust to be extra flaky and the bread had a cake-like texture. Yum!!

    If your machine has a sweet cycle you can use that for this bread. My Zojirushi doesn’t have a sweet cycle.  So I make this recipe using the basic cycle.

    #2 – Bread Machine Pound Cake

    This pound cake recipe tastes great and is so easy to put together.

    Note that I use bread flour in this recipe. That’s because I use bread flour for everything. All-purpose flour or cake flour should also work.

    #3 – Homemade Egg Bread Recipe

    Here’s the story on this recipe, one day I had a few extra eggs in the refrigerator.  So I decided to try and make egg bread.  I’m so glad that I did!

    The crust is soft and is flaky on the top.  The bread’s texture is soft but has a solidity that makes it a natural for sandwiches.  

    Eggs bring a lot to this or any bread recipe. First of all, eggs bring color, nutrition and a little extra flavor to any bread recipe.  Eggs also contain lecithin. That’s a fat that makes the ingredients mix better and gives the bread a nice crumb.

    #4 – Bread Machine Bagels

    I was so nervous about making bagels because of the water bath.  You know what? It’s no big deal.  These bagels taste great and aren’t hard to make.

    #5 – Hot Dog Bun Recipe for the Bread Machine

    I tried and tried to find a good recipe for hot dog buns.  The recipes I tried made buns that looked fine and tasted fine, but the “hinge” always broke.  I’d end up with two hot dog halves and a hot dog.  Not good.

    Then I tried this recipe for hot dog buns.  Success!

    My Favorite Bread Machine Recipes

    In no particular order, here are my current top five bread machine recipes.

    #1 – Sour Milk Bread

    I make this bread about once a week.  It’s what we use for sandwiches and toast. It tastes great.  It’s easy to make. It’s not fancy.  It’s just really, really good.

    #2 – Eggnog Bread

    It’s no wonder that my second-favorite bread recipe is a variant of my favorite bread recipe.  This puts a holiday spin on sour milk bread.  I love it . . . a lot!!

    #3 – Pizza Dough

    This is a recipe that The Man of the House makes us about once a month.  Homemade pizza is wonderful!!  

    #4 – Homemade Hamburger Buns

    Again, this recipe is a variant of another recipe in my list of favorites. What happens if you take the pizza dough recipe and shape it into hamburger buns instead? Magic. My friends, magic is what happens. Try it and you’ll see.

    #5 – Beer Bread

    I am always amazed that such tasty bread can come from an ingredient that I so dislike. I’m not a fan of beer, but I adore beer bread.

    Complete List of Bread Machine Recipes

    Here’s a list of bread machine recipes on the site in alphabetical order.

    1. Anadama Bread Recipe
      When I first read this Anadama bread recipe, I was a little dubious.  Molasses and cornmeal?  All doubts disappeared after tasting it.  Anadama bread is sweet and the cornmeal gives it an interesting texture.  Plus, I love its dark brown color.
    2. Anytime Eggnog Bread Recipe
      I’ve recreated the taste of eggnog bread, but without the eggnog. This bread smells heavenly while it toasts, filling the room with scents of cinnamon and nutmeg. Add some cream cheese and you’re in heaven!!
    3. Apple Cider Cinnamon Bread Recipe
      Apple cider cinnamon bread is tasty and smells wonderful when toasted.  It's also a good way to use up extra apple cider.
    4. Applesauce Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine
      In general, the Man of the House does not like bread containing wheat flour. However, he makes an exception for this wonderful bread. Applesauce, raisins, and cinnamon . . . what's not to love?
    5. Apricot Bread Recipe
      You'll enjoy this tasty bread made with apricot preserves. The bread is fruity and has an almost cake-like texture.  It tastes fabulous toasted and covered in cream cheese. I love it!!
    6. Banana Oat Bread
      This is a hearty breakfast bread that will hold you until lunch.  It's also a great way to use overripe bananas. You'll love the combination of white flour, whole wheat flour, oats, bananas, and raisins. 
    7. Banana Raisin Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine
      I had a few extra bananas that I wanted to use up. I saw this recipe and thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did! Banana raisin bread is dense, soft and has a lovely banana flavor.
    8. Blue Cheese Potato Bread Recipe
      Blue cheese potato bread has all the texture and softness of potato bread with a slight blue cheese flavor. We made this last weekend and paired it with a hearty soup. Very nice!
    9. Bread Machine – Cheese and Onion Bread Recipe
      Check out this cheese and onion bread recipe for the bread machine. The aroma while the bread is baking is wonderful. And the bread tastes even better!! Cheese and onion bread was made for chicken or turkey sandwiches.
    10. Bread Machine Bagel Recipe
      You'll really like this bread machine bagel recipe.  The bagels are chewy and delicious.  They're so much better than store-bought bagels.  They're also easy to make!
    11. Bread Machine Beer Bread
      We love this bread machine beer bread recipe! The flavor is hearty and kind of “old-world”. The loaf is soft and chewy with a crunchy crust.
    12. Bread Machine Cheese Bread
      Here's the thing about this bread machine cheese bread recipe, it doesn't actually taste like cheese. BUT it is very good and you won't regret making it. It has a soft, slightly chewy texture. It's sturdy enough to use for sandwiches.
    13. Bread Machine Oatmeal Bread
      This bread machine oatmeal bread recipe makes a soft, hearty loaf of bread. I don't know if it's the texture or the flavor, but I love it! We used it to make some grilled pastrami sandwiches that were out of this world.
    14. Bread Machine Onion Bread
      Bread machine onion bread tastes great and the aroma while cooking is fantastic!! It's so easy to put together. Just four ingredients!
    15. Bread Machine Potato Bread
      This bread machine potato bread recipe makes tasty, moist bread that's perfect for sandwiches. It's also really easy to make because it uses potato flakes.
    16. Bread Machine Recipe for Peanut Butter Bread
      Peanut butter bread is thick and chewy. I like it toasted and topped with Nutella. One reader wrote, "I used this bread to make French toast and topped it with jam instead of syrup. It was peanut butter and jelly French toast! Delicious!!"
    17. Bread Machine Rosemary Bread
      Bread machine rosemary bread is lovely, firm and smells amazing while it bakes. You can use the dried herb, but fresh rosemary makes it even more delicious!
    18. Bread Machine Taco Bread Recipe
      I'm just not sure what happened with the top of this bread machine taco bread. BUT the bread tastes good and I love the fact that it contains whole wheat flour.
    19. Bread Machine Wheat Bread
      I enjoy a nice hearty bread. This bread is indeed hearty, without being overwhelmingly so. This wheat bread recipe can be made with either on the basic or wheat setting.
    20. Buttermilk Oatmeal Bread Recipe
      Talk about comfort food, you'll love this buttermilk oatmeal bread recipe! The bread is very soft and as you eat it, you'll notice a slight buttermilk tang.  The oatmeal gives it some nice substance.
    21. Canned Pea Bread Recipe
      The bread is very similar to potato bread. It's moist and chewy while being sturdy enough for sandwiches. It's also very easy to make as you let the bread machine mash the peas.
    22. Challah Hamburger Buns
      This challah hamburger bun recipe makes the best hamburger buns I've ever had! The challah hamburger buns are different because they're fluffier, softer and sweeter. They can totally take your hamburgers to the next level!
    23. Challah Hot Dog Bun Recipe
      Looking for a soft, pillowy hot dog bun? Then you'll love this challah hot dog bun recipe. The buns are are just so tender. Plus, the egg wash makes them so pretty.
    24. Cherry Almond Bread
      Cherry almond bread is fruity, slightly sweet and has a great crust. This homemade bread is great any time, but especially nice for special meals or holidays. 
    25. Cherry Bread
      Cherry bread is a delicious combination of elements.  The dried cherries provide bursts of sweetness and flavor.  The eggs and butter make the bread rich and luscious.
    26. Chocolate Bread Recipe
      Looking for a delicious way to start your day?  Check out this chocolate bread recipe. Imagine toasted chocolate bread topped with peanut butter? Yes, it's as good as it sounds!
    27. Chocolate Coconut Bread
      Chocolate plus coconut is a hard combination to beat! This bread is great for breakfast. I toast it and put peanut butter on top. Yum!
    28. Dairy-Free Eggnog Bread
      Check out this dairy-free version of our eggnog bread recipe. This vegan-friendly recipe uses almond milk nog and is a tasty substitute for the traditional type of eggnog bread.
    29. Dark Rye Bread Machine Recipe
      I adore dark rye bread.  It's hearty and has a nice rye flavor. The Man of The House uses it to make great corned beef sandwiches.  It also goes well with soup or stews.
    30. Dill Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine
      Dill bread has a lovely taste and texture. It's perfect for toasting and topping with cream cheese. This savory bread is also great for sandwiches.
    31. Easy Bran Bread Recipe
      This tasty bread is good for people who want more fiber in their diet, but don't enjoy wheat bread. The fiber comes from bran flakes cereal. You'll love this easy bran bread recipe!
    32. Easy Orange Bread
      This recipe is a variation on my favorite bread recipe, sour milk bread.  I used regular (not sour) milk for this, but sour milk might taste fine too.  If you make a sour milk version be sure to let me know.
    33. Eggnog Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine
      Every year I wait for eggnog to appear in the grocery stores. Not only does that mean that the holidays are coming, it means that it's time for eggnog bread! This yummy, easy bread recipe is great for the holidays as well as breakfast on chilly autumn or winter mornings.
    34. Extra Light Rye Bread
      Do you want to try rye bread, but are a little nervous?  Then this recipe is for you.  It contains a small amount of light rye flour along with some caraway seeds.  The bread has a cake-like texture that's quite nice.
    35. French Herb Bread
      This recipe calls for Herbes de Provence.Not familiar with this fancy-sounding herb blend? It’s a mixture of savory, fennel, basil, thyme, lavender flowers and other herbs.
    36. Hawaiian Bread Recipe
      You’ll love this Hawaiian bread recipe! It’s easy to make and so good! The crust is extra flaky.  The bread is sweet and has a cake-like texture. So good!!
    37. Homemade Egg Bread Recipe
      I had a few extra eggs in the refrigerator so I decided to give this recipe a try.  I'm glad I did.  The bread is a winner! The crust is soft and had a lovely flakiness on the top.  The bread texture is soft, but has a solidity that makes it a natural for sandwiches.  Your sandwich will not fall apart with this bread!
    38. Honey Bread Recipe
      You'll love this honey bread recipe. The bread is soft and has a great flavor. (Not too sweet!) You can make it with ingredients you probably have on hand.
    39. Italian Herb Bread Recipe
      The Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese make this bread smell and taste amazingly good. It's really soft and perfect for toasting thick slices in the oven to serve with soup or salads.
    40. Light Rye Bread Recipe
      This light rye bread recipe is one of the first rye bread recipes that I made. The bread is filled with the flavor of caraway. The texture is firm and a little springy. It's great for sandwiches!
    41. Low-Salt Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine
      Looking for a low-salt bread recipe for the bread machine? This recipe makes low-salt bread that has a great texture. AND you don't need a special setting of your bread machine to make it.
    42. Molasses Oatmeal Bread Recipe
      Check out this bread machine recipe for Molasses Oatmeal Bread. The molasses adds to the flavor and gives the loaf a wonderful, dark brown color.
    43. Orange Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine
      This orange bread recipe is one of the first bread machine recipes I ever tried. The bread is great toasted and slathered with cream cheese. What's the secret ingredient? Zest!
    44. Orange Raisin Brioche Recipe for the Bread Machine
      Brioche, as you may know, is a type of yeast bread that originated in France. The eggs and butter in the bread make it rich and tender. In other words, this is some seriously delicious bread!
    45. Pepper Jack Cheese Bread
      Pepper Jack cheese bread is a little unusual. The recipe includes two kinds of cheese as well as Tabasco sauce. Wild, right? I hope you like the bread as much as we do!
    46. Pepper Pear Bread
      Pepper? Pears? When I read this recipe I knew I had to try it. The bread turned out dense and had a thick crust. One feature of this recipe is that it contains no oil.
    47. Popular Bread Machine Recipes and Articles
      The website has two main sections, recipes and troubleshooting. I like to look back and see what recipes and articles were the most popular during the past year.  It helps me to see what you liked the most and what you found most helpful. 
    48. Raisin Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine
      Have you ever had homemade raisin bread?  If not, then you haven't had raisin bread.  The difference between this and store-bought raisin bread is night and day.  You'll be amazed at how good this bread tastes. 
    49. Raspberry Bread Recipe
      There's no getting around it. Raspberry bread is purple. AND it has orange flecks of zest. It’s the kind of bread that you’d expect to find in a Dr. Seuss book. When you taste raspberry bread, none of that matters though. It’s fruity and sweet and the texture is amazing. You'll love this raspberry bread recipe.
    50. Rhubarb Bread
      Last Updated on September 25, 2019 I’d like to start out this rhubarb bread recipe with an apology.  It requires one hard-to-find ingredient, rhubarb jam.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen it sold in stores.  (Oddly enough carries it.)  I didn’t get my jam from the grocery store or from Amazon though.  I got my ...
    51. Rye Bread Recipe
      This rye bread recipe contains a mixture of rye flour and bread flour. The bread is firm, but also soft and moist. Delicious!!
    52. Sandwich Bread Recipe – One Pound Loaf
      One thing that surprised me about working with a one-pound machine was just how cute the bread is.  It's the perfect size and shape for sandwiches. The bread's taste and texture are also great.
    53. Sandwich Bread Recipe for the Zojirushi Home Made Setting
      Check out this sandwich bread recipe for the Zojirushi home made setting I'll give you the custom program for the home made setting to make this great sandwich bread.
    54. Sauerkraut Bread
      Sauerkraut bread is dense and soft. The recipe contains rye flour and molasses. Those ingredients are key in making this bread. It's a little soft and a little chewy.
    55. Sour Milk Bread Recipe – Two Pound Loaf
      I use this sour milk bread recipe all the time. Simple ingredients! Great taste and texture! No wonder this is the recipe that I make the most often. AND you don't even need to have sour milk! Note that this recipe now has high altitude instructions.
    56. Sour Milk Rye Bread Recipe
      You'll love this bread machine recipe for sour milk rye bread. It's moist and tastes a little like sourdough bread because of the sour milk. It doesn't have a rye flavor, but it does have a subtle heartiness. The bread has a good texture that makes it a natural for sandwiches.
    57. Spelt Bread Recipe
      We really liked this spelt bread recipe. The crust of the bread was crisp and hard. However, the bread itself was soft. Spelt bread is delightfully hearty!

    Bread Machine Recipes for the Dough Setting

    Working With Dough

    Do you want to take your bread making to the next level? I’m talking homemade hamburger buns and hot dog buns. Pizza dough made from scratch and delicious sandwiches made with your own hoagie rolls. 

    Recipes for the Dough Setting

    Bread Machine Recipes for the Cake Setting

    Cake Setting Recipes

    Check out these recipes for your bread machine’s cake or quick bread setting.  Note that these are some of the most popular recipes on my site!

    Recipes for the Cake Setting

    Recipes for the Home Made (Programmable) Setting

    To make bread the machine goes through a series of steps, called a setting or course. In the basic course, the machine warms up, kneads, allows the bread to rise, beats the dough down and then has the dough rise again.  Finally, the machine bakes the bread.

    The home made function allows you to alter these steps to make your own bread machine setting or course.

    Recipes for the Home Made Setting

    More Bread Machine Recipe Options


    Bread Machine Troubleshooting

    Most bread machine problems can be solved! I’ve written articles about challenges you may face when using your bread machine.  Here are some of the most popular articles on my site. 

    You may also want to check out the troubleshooting page of the site to see all the bread machine troubleshooting articles.  (If you don’t see your issue addressed, please contact me.) 

    Bread Troubleshooting – Bread That Rises and Then Falls – The bread is in the machine and smells great. You looked at it earlier and the dough looked fine. However, when the final beep goes off, you open the lid and discover that the bread has fallen or collapsed.

    This article has tips that will help with bread that collapses during baking.

    What Yeast to Use in Your Bread Machine – In 2020 I spent a couple of days making a dozen loaves of bread with different types of yeast.  I experimented with active dry yeast, instant yeast, bread machine yeast and quick dry yeast.

    The article talks about the difference between different types of yeast, based on my experiments. I’ll also tell you what kind of yeast I use in the bread machine.
    Bread Machine Recipes and Troubleshooting

    The Missing Bread Machine Manual – There’s a lot of great information to be had in your bread machine owner’s manual. But what if you don’t have one? Here’s a list of links to some online bread machine manuals.

    Bread Flour Versus All-Purpose Flour – So just what type of flour are you supposed to use in the bread machine? The short answer is to use bread flour in the bread machine . . . mostly.  Read the article to find out the difference between the other types of flour and why some types of all-purpose flour might work just fine in the bread machine.