Dark Rye Bread Machine Recipe — 12 Comments

  1. Is this bread the same as Pumpernickel? Regardless, I plan to try your recipe… just curious. I have made Pumpernickel before, and wondered if this was similar. So happy to have found your website!

    • I’m not sure what would happen without those ingredients. While I don’t specifically taste them, I would imagine that leaving them out would make the bread taste different.

  2. Thanks for recipe – gonna try for sure.
    Also might use w.w. flour with added gluten. (same amount of dry ingred.)
    I’ve always added 1 Tbls. of lemon juice to all
    my bread recipes. Supposed to ‘condition’ the dough.

  3. Turned out delicious! Hearty bread. Followed directions exactly in my Zo machine. Wish I had corn beef left over from St. Patty’s Day. Thank you Marsha for sharing the recipe.

  4. Wow what a delicious, beautiful loaf of bread! I followed the recipe exactly, but found that I had to add nine tablespoons each of white and rye to reach the nice round dough shape. It sank just a little bit. We love it.

    • I made this bread for the first time today. It was absolutely delicious and I will make it again. I just don’t know how to store it. I can’t leave it out on the counter because it’s too warm and my last loaf got moldy before we could finish it. Any advice for storage would be appreciated. Thanks.

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