What Yeast Do You Use in a Bread Machine? — 4 Comments

  1. I use SAF Instant Yeast- Red Package. I have used it for over a decade, both in the bread machine and mixer made dough. It stores well in the freezer. I have used it way past date.

    I see SAF Instant Yeast has a Gold Package now. It is pricier. I read the “Gold” version is just a more resilient strain of yeast. It survives better and will make your dough rise in harsher recipes like extra sweet or gluten-free.

    • I looked at the yeast available to the folks in the UK and I see why you’re confused. Yikes! I thought it was confusing in the US!!

      Judging by this article from the BBC I’d recommend “powdered (or ‘easy-blend’ or ‘fast-action’) dried yeast which is sold in sachets and just sprinkled straight into a bowl of flour.” That’s the equivalent of the “active dry yeast” that I recommend for use in the United States.

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