2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks and Bakers — 9 Comments

  1. Nicely done web site! Do you know of, or ever use bread pans in the oven? While I have had glass in the past (it broke), these days I use metal (mostly for white breads) and ceramic (mostly for dark(er) breads like whole wheat or multigrain) pans too. Forget silicone, as NO ONE would like their bread to look, or taste like that (can you say soggy crust with a doughy crumb?) ever again! Any help would be appreciated as there doesn’t seem to be any ratings for the different manufacturer’s :-/

    • I don’t really use bread pans in the oven. For me part of the fun of using a bread machine is to let the machine do all the work. 🙂 I can tell you that brownies work best in a pyrex pan. I’m not sure if that works for bread though.

    • Hi Michel,
      I don’t have a bread machine but I make quite a bit of bread. I put it in a preheated oven in my cast iron lidded pot. I use the five minute a day bread method and I let my bread dough proof on a sheet of parchment paper in a bowl. This method make artesian style bread.Bread is so fun.
      My Best to You and Yours,

  2. Do you have any bread cutter that you recommend? I can’t cut a reasonably sized slice to save my life, lol! There are so many options out there, and I get hung up in reviews. Any assistance appreciated!

  3. Can you help me??? I am gluten-free and make a lot of my own bread with my bread machine. I can not find bread machine yeast anywhere. I always have used fleischmans bread machine yeast. Is there another type of yeast I can use in my bread machine?

  4. How universal are the blades that are shown on Amazon I have a Oster and the blade is showing a crack and I would like to get a new one . I can not find a blade on the zoster website maybe it is there somewhere but I can not find it . I use it every 10 days to make either white or raisin bread I have not purchased any bread this year . ( and by the way I ask you about adding the raisins and I put them in with the flour and they end up throughout the bread great recommendation)

    • They aren’t.

      Even within the same manufacturer lines – like Oster- they use 2 different kneading paddles that fit 2 different pans. And they are rarely cross compatible between different manufacturers. The shaft in the pans can have different lengths, diameters, ‘key hole’ cuts etc. In other words kneading paddles – bread pans as well – are machine model number specific.

      Having said that I have an older model Oster myself. Try in Florida. That’s where I got an extra pan and paddle for my trusty old Oster.

      Goodmans has detailed machine model number compatibility info for these parts. Check that info before ordering anything.

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