This is my catch-all page where I have links to using your bread machine for holidays, other recipes, bread machine jam and so much more.


  • 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks and Bakers
    Going through this list of items is like visiting with me in my kitchen. You can see what tools I use as I’m making bread. Continue reading →
  • Labor Day Recipes for Your Bread Machine
    Labor Day weekend is coming! I’ve got recipes to help you make the most of time spent with friends and family. Hot dog buns. Hamburger buns. You’ll love ’em!! Continue reading →
  • Fourth Of July Recipes for the Bread Machine
    Here are some recipes for your bread machine/bread maker that would be great for the Fourth of July. We’re talking homemade hot dog and hamburger buns! Continue reading →
  • Rye Bread Recipes for Corned Beef Sandwiches
    On Saint Patrick’s Day, our house will be filled with the lovely aroma of corned beef and cabbage.  The next day we’ll be enjoying corned beef sandwiches on rye bread. Here’s a collection of rye bread recipes for your Saint Patrick’s Day leftovers. Continue reading →
  • Holiday Recipes for Your Bread Machine
    Are you looking for holiday recipes for the bread machine? Here are some things that I’ll be making this year. Some of these recipes are not traditional holiday fare, but it’s what we’ll be feasting on at our house. Continue reading →
  • Bread Machine Challah
    Check out this bread machine challah bread recipe. Talk about a crowd-pleaser!  This beautiful braided bread makes a statement.  As an extra bonus, using your bread machine makes it easy to make this classic recipe. Continue reading →
  • Bread That’s Perfect for Easter Brunch
    In my opinion, bread for Easter brunch falls into two categories. It can be sweet or hearty. What sort of bread you serve depends on personal tastes and on your menu. I’ve picked out three bread machine recipes of each type for you. Continue reading →

Bread Machine Jam

  • Banana Jam Recipe for the Bread Machine
    Did I mention that my bread machine can make jam? It can! We now have banana jam on a regular basis. What’s banana jam like? It’s a refrigerator jam that’s pretty tasty on toast. It also doubles as ice cream topping and is a nice addition to plain yogurt. Continue ...


Using the Home Made Function



  • Five Cookbooks
    If you’re like me, you never tire of looking at cookbooks. Three of these cookbooks are in my home and I highly recommend them.  Two of the books are ones I don’t own, but they’re on my wish list. Continue reading →
  • The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook
    I received The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook as a gift. Talk about a nice present! The book is HUGE and has 300 recipes.  There are recipes for white breads, wheat breads, egg breads, sourdough breads, chocolate breads and more.  There are also unusual bread machine recipes like boysenberry jam and mango chutney.  The one I’m ...



  • Four Sandwich Bread Recipes for the Bread Machine
    Not just any bread is good for sandwiches.  The bread needs to be sturdy and have a nice flavor that blends with sandwich ingredients. With those factors in mind, here are four bread machine recipes for bread that works great in sandwiches. Continue reading →