Banana Raisin Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine — 13 Comments

    • In my house we use them when the bananas are no longer firm when pressed and when there’s some black on the peel. It’s a fine art though. You don’t want to wait too long.

      • I keep my banas in the frig, fruit keeper, as soon as I buy em.
        The peels will turn black, but the fruit inside stays firm and ripe much longer than if you leave em on the counter.

  1. I got this loaf going in my zo now, cold day here in east tn waiting for this snow to melt so I figured I would do some cooking today and stay in. I made this loaf once before in the summer( can’t remember how much extra liquid I added) today I added 3 extra tablespoons to get the dough just right, anyways last time this came out great and my 3 year old grandson loved this so much that his other grandmother called me and asked me what kind of bread did you give him? He won’t eat mine and said pa pa gave me skinny bread I want that. Don’t know why he calls it skinny bread but its definitely grandson approved, thanks for the recipe

  2. I did not have much luck with this recipe in my Zo. Crust setting stated medium which produced a burnt crust on mine.Not much rise to the loaf and top portion was not fully baked.. For me I wilt try this recipe again.

    • Sit down and analyse what you did, and look for mistakes. Like:
      – Putting 1 TABLEspoon of salt instead of 1 TEAspoon. Been there, done that. The Table vs Tea always trips me up.
      – Forgetting to put in the yeast.

      Look at Marsha’s tips on troubleshooting breads.

      Then give it another go, paying strict attention to the recipe and settings on your machine.

      I usually have to do several variations of a recipe to get it to rise like I want it to.

      gud luk

  3. My loaves of this have been coming out good And I’ve been putting in a cup of banana instead of 2/3, my loaves do come out dark but defiantly not burnt. And they rise almost to the top of the window and are cooked all the way through , except for the one I did on quick cycle..maby the yeast is the problem for the rise, not sure about the burnt crust, try this one again, I’ve brought it into work for some to try and they also love it

  4. Soft and flavorful! I missed that it made a 2 lb loaf so will set my machine accordingly next time, but it still had a wonderful texture and made a very tall loaf. Definitely a favorite. Delicious!

  5. I’m an experienced home baker, but had never used my Oster purchased over the holidays. I used this recipe as my first try because I had an overripe banana and raisins on hand. I subbed quick yeast for dry (1/1 sub & was at my corner store), added some well-chopped pecans, used unsweetened applesauce to round up the banana to the 2/3C, and (most worrying) used 50/50 a.p. and whole wheat flour in place of bread flour (had none on hand). The results were fantastic! If you understand baking substitutions, this is a very forgiving recipe with excellent flavor and texture. Thanks!

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