Egg Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine — 32 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for this recipe. I made a few days ago and it came out absolutely perfect! Flavor, texture and appearance! Now I’m looking for a cinnamon raisin recipe on your site. Thanks again!!

  2. This recipe is AMAZING!!! I’ve been working with the manual recipes and having some luck but not really what I was looking for. Tried this, also happens we have our own chickens so eggs are easy to come by. It worked the first time out and looks just like the lovely loaf in the picture.

    • Candace, I’m so glad you liked the bread. It really is a winner, isn’t it? And that’s just with eggs from the store. Farm fresh eggs with this recipe have got to be fantastic.

  3. Hello, I’m glad that I found this site! I’m looking to make an egg bread as I just got the zojo virtuoso! What type of yeast do you recommend for this recipe? Active dry or instant/fast rise? Is 1 1/4 teaspoons enough? I thought I’ve read that the general rule is 1/2 tsp yeast per cup of flour.

    Thank you!

  4. Thank you Marsha. I made my first loaf from the Zojo bread machine, a light whole wheat from Beth Hensperger. It came out great! All of her recipes call for instant yeast, so I’m looking forward to your recipe with active dry yeast!!!

    • Mark, I was thinking about your comment and I may have lead you astray. I thought you were asking if you should use rapid rise yeast. Unless I specify you should use active dry yeast.

  5. Hi – Can you please tell me how long this bread stays fresh? The breads I have made on my machine are not that soft on day 2…?

    • Hi Dani, You know, I’m not sure how long the bread will stay fresh. The reason is that I slice and freeze my bread the day I bake it. Then I just thaw or toast it as needed. The whole not staying fresh issue is kind of a mixed blessing. It’s a bummer that the bread doesn’t taste the same on day 2 or 3. But the reason that it doesn’t keep as well is because there aren’t a bunch of preservatives in it.

  6. I just found this website and WOWZER! THANK YOU! I made this bread yesterday and it’s fabulous and looked exactly like your picture. I am going to explore the other recipes as well. I have the West Bend machine that makes a full size loaf and I pray it NEVER dies.
    I don’t know if anyone suggested this to “DANI” about keeping bread fresh or not but I purchase the 2 gallon zippy bags and after my bread cools I keep it in the fridge in a good bag…..hopefully that does not go against “bread etiquette”? BUT….due to the fact homemade bread has no preserves some sort of either fridge or freezer needs to be involved unless you have a family……I am only 1 individual so I find keeping my loaf if the refrigerator works great and as it gets older it’s either chicken feed or french toast.
    (yes, FRESH eggs for my bread! I have a fridge FULL of ’em!) 🙂

    • GW, thanks for your comments! I don’t pay much attention to “bread etiquette”. I focus more on what works and what tastes good. 🙂 Good idea about putting the bread in the refrigerator. We slice ours up as soon as it’s cooled. Then we put it in the freezer. It works fine for us.

  7. OH…..again, I hope this does not go against “bread etiquette” (again) but I use just regular yeast in all my breads…..I pick up the BIG BLOCKS at Sam’s Club and keep it in a lock n’ lock in either the fridge or freezer and have never had any “issues”. Again, I hope this helps someone.

  8. I think there is a lot of confusion here about yeast. There really is no such thing as instant active dry yeast. There’s instant and there active dry yeast. Instant yeast does not require proofing, whereas active dry yeast does require proofing. The packets of active dry yeast usually contain 2 1/4 tsp of product. Instant yeast usually comes in small foil bags (like the kind they sell at KAF).

    There should be some helpful information on the internet by just doing a search of the different types of yeast.

  9. I am so glad i finally found a recipe that worked for me. I was fed up trying to make bread with the recepie that came with my breadmakers user manual. Your recipe is the only thing that worked for me. Thank you.

  10. Hi thanks for the recipe your pound cake is wonderful I added some cinnamon and used cooks margerine, I live in Africa so can only use what we can get. What a treat

  11. Great tasting bread! I liked it with olive oil, but found that I like it even better using butter instead. In my Oster 2lb machine this recipe produces a loaf about 6 to 7 inches high – too tall for a normal sandwich and too small when cut in half.. So – I tried making 1lb loaves. They come out just the right size for sandwiches and fit the toaster perfectly. I remove the paddle at the end of the last rise cycle, and stop the baking about 5-7 minutes early to keep the crust from getting too thick.

    Many thanks for this and great recipes on you site!

  12. I followed the directions except that I used white wheat flour instead. Would that have made a difference? I had to add about 2 Tablespoons of milk to the dough because it didn’t ball up as it should have. The bread looked great, but crumbled and tasted like cornmeal.
    I may try again & use bread flour instead…we love a good sandwich bread so I was really disappointed with how it turned out.

    • I love it when people experiment with the recipes. However, switching out bread flour for whole wheat flour isn’t a change that I recommend. As you discovered, it throws everything off. 🙁 You might try substituting part of the flour and seeing how that turns out. You also might want to add some vital wheat gluten.

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