Converting Bread Machine Recipes for Differently Sized Machines — 9 Comments

  1. Oh this is VERY helpful!
    My machine (Zoj) does 2 lb loaves BUT sometimes the 2 lb is too much. Sometimes my conversions don’t work well; but then there’s those 4 little things you added at the end vis-a-vis Salt, water, sugar, yeast.
    Sometimes it takes another person’s experience to make your own much better. You are pure genius! *grins*

  2. I have 2 pound zoj machine and I made a recipe that was 11/2 pound but converted it to fit 2 pound and it was so tall and big and it was a lot. Can I make a 1 1/2 pound loaf in my 2 pound machine???

    • You bet. I do it all the time. The only problem is that the loaf might be a little funny looking. I call them hippo loaves. One end will be taller and bigger than the other. It’s not really a problem though, it just looks a little different. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for the great tips on tweaking recipes in different sizes, I wish I’d found them when I first got my Zo 5 years ago!

    Mat I suggest a slightly simpler way to run the math? To convert from 2 pounds to 1.5, multiply by .75 on a calculator (I use the one on my phone). To convert from 1 pound to 1.5 pounds, multiply by 1.5. Easy peasy.

    • I’d take the original recipe and get the measurements for a half pound of bread. Then take those numbers and times by five. You’ll have to do tweaking of course. After you’ve done the math, do any adjustments that you think should be made (adjusting the yeast comes to mind) and then give it a try. Make notes on how it comes out and then tweak again if needed.

  4. So if I’m wanting to convert my 1.5lb recipes to 3lb recipes to mix in a 3lb machine (I usually use the dough cycle then bake in the oven), I should theoretically be able to just double everything? What about yeast? Most of my recipes call for 2tsp yeast, would I actually need 4tsp yeast for 6 cups flour?

    • Some of this is going to be you making your best guess based on other recipes and your experience. If the yeast isn’t what you’d expect you might want to adjust that up or down as you think best. Make notes so that you know what you did.

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