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Welcome to the Bread Machine Diva Website!

This site features bread machine recipes, bread machine hints, bread mix reviews, bread machine cake recipes and a few recipes that have nothing to do with bread.


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Cheese Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine

Oddly enough, this bread contains a lot of cheese, but doesn’t actually taste cheese. Despite that it’s very good and you won’t regret making it.

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Sour Cream Onion Bread

Bread Mix Review – Prepared Pantry Sour Cream Onion

The crust was flaky and the bread had a great texture. But the flavor is the best part of the bread. I literally closed my eyes and savored the taste.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

May today bring you love, laughter and at least a little chocolate.

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Kitchen Table Talk

Kitchen Table Talk – February 2015

It’s time for Kitchen Table Talk. Readers share their tips for a more diet-friendly pound cake, a great pizza recipe and a way to jazz up the Hawaiian bread recipe.

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Buttermilk bread mix

Bread Mix Review – Prepared Pantry Buttermilk White

I recently tried a package of Prepared Pantry’s Buttermilk White bread mix. It turned out great and I have no problem recommending it to you .

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cheese ball recipe

Super Bowl Cheese Ball

Here’s something fun for your Super Bowl feast. Yes, I’m talking about the legendary cheese ball.

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football food

The Mighty Super Bowl Sandwich

The Super Bowl is just around the corner. At our house that means it’s time to plan for the Mighty Super Bowl Sandwich.

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Orange Raisin Brioche Recipe for the Bread Machine

Orange Raisin Brioche Recipe for the Bread Machine

Brioche, as you may know, is a type of yeast bread that originated in France. The eggs and butter in the bread make it rich and tender. In other words, this is some seriously delicious bread!

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