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Bread Machine Recipes and More

This site features bread machine recipes, bread machine hints, bread mix reviews, bread machine cake recipes and a few recipes that have nothing to do with bread.

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Recipe to use extra bananas

Banana Raisin Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine

I had a few extra bananas that I wanted to use up. I saw this recipe and thought I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did! The bread is dense, soft and has a lovely banana flavor.

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French Bread

French Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine

We love this bread for sandwiches and garlic bread. We think it tastes better than French bread purchased at the store. And you know, it’s not that hard to make.

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Hot dog bun recipe

Hot Dog Bun Recipe for the Bread Machine

I’ve got a hot dog bun recipe for you as well as a video that shows how to shape the dough.

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Bead Brick

This is What Happens When You Forget The Yeast

Life can get busy. And when things are busy a person can forget things. A person can forget things like adding yeast to the bread machine.

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Sourdough Peasant Gourmet Bread Machine Mix

Bread Mix Review – Peasant Sourdough

I recently tried Prepared Pantry’s Peasant Sourdough bread mix. It was seriously good! I would buy it again in a second. The bread is moist and chewy, but sturdy enough to hold sandwich ingredients securely.

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Conagra Bread Flour

Costco Stops Carrying Bread Flour

Costco has stopped carrying bread flour. So what’s the difference between all-purpose flour and bread flour? And where am I going to buy flour in bulk in the future?

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Easy Bake Oven

It All Started with an Easy-Bake Oven

How does one become so enamored with their bread machine that they make all their own bread? I’ll tell you how. They don’t get an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

For all of you that celebrate the holiday, I hope you have a happy Easter.

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