I Just Got a Bread Machine. Now What? — 6 Comments

  1. I’m so glad to meet you Marsha. Thanks for all your help making my family the freshiest bread possible. My first loaf was pretty, but not enough salt,, huggg,, the second loaf, great and keeps getting better. With your receipts help and tips…
    Thank again ,,, so glad i found you…

  2. my new bread machine has 2 dough setting one called ferment dough and other just called dough question is which do I use ..I live in asia and not able speak the local language .
    I would thankful for your help John

    • Interesting! I’ve never heard of a fermented dough setting. What brand of machine is it?

      I would guess that you’d use the plain dough setting and not the fermented one. But that’s just a guess.

  3. I have a new Russell.Hobbs bread machine. 1st loaf sunk despite following instructions to the letter & following advice, changed a couple of ingredients- 2 more sunken / big valley loaves followed. Fwd up now & going back to my old, smaller Hinari bread machine…. :(((((

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