The Missing Bread Machine Manual — 39 Comments

  1. Hi There!
    I can’t find a manual for a Salton Bread machine sb846
    Even contacted Salton but with no luck.
    Can someone help?

  2. Thanks for trying to help with the Panasonic, but it cannot be obtained from them anymore. They only have 4 models showing, and if I try to put in the modelnumber which is SD254, they show me a microwave. Think they are a little confused. Love your website and recipes. Thank you.

  3. I have bread machine from T-Fal model PF111eus THERE WAS NO BOOK INCLOSED instead they wanted me to pay $20 EXTRA beyond the 200 that was paid for the machine, their customer service sucks;
    they don’t have a contact in the US for it –

  4. i need an english manual for my petrus breadmaker PE6280 pls all i have chinese character manual cant use the product pls help.

    • Hi Caroline, I can’t find one online. I understand that Cook’s Essentials is made by QVC. You might contact them and see if they can provide a manual.

  5. This blog is an amazing resource! I bought a used Breadman with no manual and was kind of guessing and then found the manual through this post. Thanks!

  6. I am looking for a user guide for a user guide for a highlander bread machine. It is different in that it doesn’t have a paddle.

  7. I am looking for the manual for the Pillsbury Model 1016. Do you know I can find it? I didn’t want to have to buy it on Ebay. Thanks for a great website! So helpful!

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