Potato Bread in the Bread Machine — 20 Comments

  1. I make bread for all special events. This potato bread has become the most requested by friends & family. Thank you for posting it. =o)

  2. I just found your site today. Would this bread be baked in the white bread setting, 2 lb loaf and light crust? Sorry I’m new to this breadmachine stuff, just got one last week.

    • Tina, I hope you enjoy your new bread machine. I obviously adore mine. πŸ™‚ I started out making a loaf of bread every week or two and now I make all our bread.

      To answer your question, I’d use the white bread setting and the regular crust setting.

    • Nope. I just added things to the pan in the order recommended by the folks that made the bread machine. So in my case, liquids first, then the dry ingredients, with the yeast in a little nest on the top.

  3. I made this today, and there is a HUGE crater in the top. Are there any adjustments I should make? It tastes delicious, I only wish it was a whole loaf.

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