Costco Stops Carrying Bread Flour — 9 Comments

  1. I have just as good luck with regular or white whole wheat when I add 1Tbls. of wheat gluten/cup of flour. When I want a softer bread like for buns I don’t use gluten. I really like the white whole wheat flour.

  2. This is very disheartening! I got my bread flour at Costco, too. They obviously didn’t ask our opinion before discontinuing…

  3. April 30, 2016 Today I looked at the Costco in Thornton Colorado store and found Ardent Mills bread flour in 25 lb bag for $5.59. It’s bleached white flour. They also carried Minnesota Girl Bakers Flour 50 lb bag for $10.79. Bag info doesn’t state what that means, but looking up the Ardent website one of it’s states uses is for pan baked breads. Hope this information helps others, Mike

    • Interesting! My Costco in Washington state still doesn’t have bread flour. The Costco Business Center does, but not the “regular” Costco. I guess it must be a regional thing.

  4. confirmed. I do the same thing, and my costco in rocklin/roseville CA had zero bread flour of any type. really annoying, trying to find another source for it.

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