Easy Orange Bread — 9 Comments

    • Interesting. I’m surprised that the dough was soupy. This is basically my sour milk bread recipe with orange zest added. I make the sour milk bread all the time. It’s one of my most reliable recipes. Let me know how the bread turns out.

      • Hi. I followed your version from 2009, which has different measurements. I also converted the cups to ounces per Zojirushi’s conversion. (I also have the BB-PAC20BA).

        I must have converted cups to ounces incorrectly because I had to add more than a cup of flour during the knead cycles before the ball looked right. But it came out beautiful…and tasty. I will try again later and pay more attention to my conversions from cups to ounces.

        Thanks for all the recipes. I have long considered trying them, but only just now did. I think I will try the cherry bread next.

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