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  1. If I wanted to make a chocolate banana variation of this when should I put in the banana? And should I mash it or do you think bits would be better?

    Or… what about a peanut butter version?

    • Hi Kathryn, If I were adding banana I’d mash it first. If you do this, or the peanut butter version, let me know how it turns out. I’m wondering if you might need to adjust the liquid down a little bit with the banana version.

  2. I was going to try this recipe, but I did not see on here what settings you should use for this bread. I am assuming the white light setting that is on my machine. I am new to this, as i just got a bread machine handed down to me. I have found a lot of your ideas great. And am looking forward to trying them out. Also, loved the breakfast bar recipe!! My daughter had me had chocolate chips to it for her which came out great!

  3. I have the zojirushi bb-pac20 bread maker that I absolutely love. This is a bread that I have tried to make but I’m having problems. When I add the chocolate whether in the beginning or even when the beep to add beeps,for some reason the chips melt and the bread comes out funky. What do you suggest when it comes to adding the chocolate chips so that it turns out as pictured ? I want so badly yo make a bread with chocolate chips but I’m scared to now lol please respond. I’m a desperate mommy lol!

    • Hey Jen, I understand your longing for chocolate! 🙂

      I’d use the white bread with light crust setting on this. I put the chips in at the beginning to make sure that they were properly blended.

      If you’re still having problems I might try a different brand of chocolate chips. You never know.

  4. My bread machine calls for dry milk. Should i substitute or should i make it as written. If i should substitute how much should i use? thanks

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