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  1. While eating at The Coast resturaunt in Charleston, SC, I encountered a delicious bread that they served called Rosemary-Orange. I’d like to duplicate the recipe in my Breadman bread maker. Would you by chance have the appropriate recipe?

    Thank you,
    Stephen Kovarcik

  2. Rosemary-Orange bread? I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds great! At the moment, all I have is this rosemary bread recipe plus an orange bread. You can bet that I’m going to be trying to combine these two recipes though. I’ll let you know what I discover!

  3. It was amazing. I’m making it again right now. Had to take 10 minutes to navigate to the site again, but I think I’m going to bookmark it now!

  4. The rosemary bread sounds great. Stephen from SC, couldn’t you use fresh orange peel and orange juice added to the recipe instead of the milk for liquid? I’m going to try that out when baking in my Wellbilt bread machine.

  5. I’m getting a breadmaker today for christmas and this is the first recipe I want to try. Quick question: What kind of yeast? Quick active? Just regular yeast?

    • Josh, Congratulations on your new bread machine! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine. I’d use active dry yeast. Avoid the quick or rapid rise yeast unless you’re looking at a recipe that specifically calls for that type of yeast. (For example, here’s a recipe for dinner rolls using rapid rise yeast.) Let me know how you like the bread. The rosemary bread is one of my favorites.

      • I got good flavor, but I need to learn my machine better. The crust came out really hard for the ‘medium’ setting. Unbearably hard, actually… though the inside was just perfect. I tried again on the ‘light’ crust setting, and the bread fell (may be my fault… I may have added too much sugar), and the top of the crust was great, but the sides and bottom were too hard.

        The recipe looks solid (though I prefer to have a lot more rosemary than just 1 tsp), just need to work my machine a little better.

        Oh, and it tastes GREAT in a roast beef sandwich!! (Especially if you like to roast some beef in red wine and crushed dried rosemary like I do) 😀

  6. Hi Marsha…the rosemary bread turned out great. I meant to ask if you used butter or olive oil. If olive oil, plain or extra virgin?

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