Pepper Pear Bread — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, this recipe is amazing! I had some bottled pears that had partially frozen in the back of the fridge, so they were a bit mushy. Perfect for a recipe calling for mashed pears :-). The only oroblem was the full recipe was more than my bread machine could handle, and the top blew up so much that it pressed against the lid. I’ll try it again, maybe adjusting by half, hoping the flavors stay just the same.

    • First of all – thank you for posting all of the homemade recipes!
      Tonight I made the 9th loaf in my new machine. Most all I have made are your recipes – only 2 from my ZO book. I purchased the new, large ZO – it’s great to have someone like you posting and sharing! THANK YOU! 😉
      I follow directions, ingredients, and measurements EXACTLY… the recipes end up in a perfect ball and cook perfectly.

      However, the pepper pear recipe – when it began kneading – it looked like corn meal- I tried not to panic but after several moments – I added flour and some water. The dough was sooooo sticky! I then had to add lots more flour and take it out and knead it myself (bc the knead cycle completed).
      I have 3 questions:
      * What do you think went wrong and what’s the best way to avoid/fix a prob like this?
      * Do you use the pear juice? (I drained my pears first).
      * How do you store this bread and your breads?
      I had some more pear bread and threw it out – I started getting paranoid re it spoiling (re pears) Bc I left it out in a ziplock.

      **Even after the prob – this was the fav bread of my family. It ended up the moistest and the thick /fluffy texture was pretty and yum! My kids & hubby didn’t know they were eating pears!

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