Dill Bread for the Bread Machine — 12 Comments

  1. I really wish you were able to include the reduced ingredients list for a smaller loaf, a 1 pound, or 1-1/2 pound loaf. Normally, I’ll just take the recipe and proportionately divide it to bring it down to a smaller size, which works pretty well. So, even though my machine will produce a two pound loaf, I just don’t want that large a loaf. Many of us out here, are in small households, and would prefer the smaller loaf. Besides, the two-pound loaf slices are too tall for my toaster!

    • I cut the recipe in half and it works fine for me. I just use the whole egg since I use small eggs. Everything else is pretty easy to do half of for a 1 lb loaf.

  2. Ooo Dill! Is the dill overwhelming at all? I am not into pickles so I ask. I’ve done Rosemary as well as Basil bread – which gives me the opportunity to use that screamingly expensive local California Olive oil !!! – even making a large enough loaf to freeze (not that I really NEED to you understand!) LOL I love that it can be toasted as I am a big fan of toasting bread and I realllly need to stop making your white bread ( one of these days haha as it’s waaay too good!

  3. This has become my family’s favorite bread recipe so far. I “guesstimate” the ingredient amount to make it a 1 lb loaf, and it always turns out great. It’s the perfect bread for a sandwich, or just eat it with butter!

  4. I used to make this bread in a casserole about 50 years ago. It’s delicious and you don’t taste the cottage cheese (which I don’t care for). Can’t wait to try it as soon as I figure out how to use my used purchase. How important is the way you add the ingredients to the machine?

    • Hi Barb, I think that the bread turns out better if you add the ingredients according to the manufacturer’s specifications. I also think it adds to the life of the bread maker.

  5. I loved this bread. I didn’t have cottage cheese so I substituted sour cream and I added a cup of shredded cheddar cheese. Delicious!

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