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Bread Troubleshooting – Bread That Rises and Then Falls

Have you ever made a loaf of bread that has a valley in the middle?  That’s the sign of a loaf of bread that rose and then fell.  I had a loaf like this back in July.

Fallen Bread

While I can’t find any scientific research to back me up, I think this was a problem caused by the record-setting heatwave our area was experiencing.

Other, more common, causes of The Big Valley are:

  • Too much liquid
  • Too little salt
  • Too little flour
  • Too much yeast

The good news is that this problem doesn’t usually affect the flavor of the bread.  So if I like the way the bread tastes, I’ll try making it again.  This tests to see if I measured correctly.  If that was the problem then the second loaf will turn out fine.

If the second loaf comes out with a dip in the middle, I adjust the above ingredients or find a slightly different recipe.  How long will I keep it up?  I think the final version of this potato bread recipe was my sixth try.

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  1. KAREN

    Can someone help. My dough in my machine was a ball while kneading then I looked and it is mush.

    1. Marsha Perry

      Hmm . . . that sounds disappointing. Did you add anything to it after you looked at it the first time?

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