Bread Troubleshooting – Bread That Rises and Then Falls — 11 Comments

  1. It’s overproofing. Every loaf I have right now looks like that. I don’t have an air conditioned kitchen and it stays very warm in there ~80F / 25C. Bread blooms very fast. My solution is to keep my eye on my proofs. I knock it back my self before it overflows and I manually start the baking when I think it’s at the right height.

  2. Please someone help! I must have spent a small fortune on bread mix for this bread maker we got for christmas. Every time I make bread in it, at least eight out of ten times, the center falls all the way in half way through. HELP! I have tried less yeast, and making sure noone slams a door. What can I do.

  3. My bread filled the bucket in my bread machine during the rising part and then went back down to about 1/2 the pan. Not sure why, followed the directions and at first look it was all good, right before baking it dropped. Any thoughts.

    • Hi John, You might try another recipe to see how that goes. To me it sounds as though the recipe might be a little off. Maybe too much sugar or too little salt.

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