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Sandwich Bread

You should know this about me up front.  I love my  bread machine.  It’s a Zojirushi X20.  I think it’s the best bread machine known to mankind.  Other than my fanaticism about my bread machine, I’m fairly rational.

My current machine is my third Zojirushi.  My last machine as a V20.  It had a sandwich bread setting.  The sandwich bread is a little heavier than the other breads.  It really makes a good sandwiches and is the favorite bread of the Man of the House.

But the X20 – the new machine – doesn’t have the sandwich bread setting.  However it does have the “home made” function.  It allows you to add a “bread program” into the machine.   Here’s how it works . . .

To make bread the machine has to go through a series of steps.  It warms up, it kneads, it allows the bread to rise, it beats the dough down and then has it rise again.  Finally the machine bakes the bread.  The sandwich bread setting was really just a program that went through a slightly different process than the other bread machine settings.  I emailed Zojirushi and asked them for the specific steps the machine had to take in order to make the sandwich bread.  I heard back from them within 24 hours! I then used the home made function to program the machine to make sandwich bread.

It’s kind of like programming your VCR to tape a program.  Only in this case I’m telling the bread machine what steps to take to make the sandwich bread.

Sandwich Bread Recipe

1 – 1/3 C. plus 1 Tablespoon – Water
4 – 1/4 C. – Bread Flour
3 Tablespoons – Sugar
2 Tablespoons – Powdered milk
2 Tablespoons – Olive Oil
1 – 1/2 teaspoons – Salt
2 teaspoons – Yeast

Sandwich Bread Program

Preheat: 20 min
Kneading: 15 – 18 min.
Rise 1: 45 min.
Rise 2: 20 min.
Rise 3: 45 min.
Bake: 50 min.

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  1. marion

    Hi Marsha,

    Love your website…very informative!!!!!!

    I programed your sandwich bread recipe in my X20.As soon as I have time I’ll give it a go…:-)

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and recipes for the zo!

  2. marion

    Sandwich bread turned out awesome. One question, can you use virgin olive oil…????

    1. Marsha

      I’m so glad you like it. Virgin olive oil should be fine to use.

  3. Theresa Meyer

    This sandwich bread was absolutely wonderful. It is by far our favorite for sandwiches. Thank you so much for posting it.

    1. Marsha

      I’m so glad you liked it!

  4. angel

    I just invested in a bread machine and am having trouble finding a bread recipe that is good for sandwiches. The one’s that I’ve made are not sturdy. They flop over while you’re holding a slice! Will this recipe hold up?

    1. Marsha

      I know just what you mean! My biggest issue is on hamburger buns though. After making my own, I can’t stand store bought ones. Yuck! They’re just so mushy!

      But back to bread . . . I found this one to be firm, but I do recommend making it on a Zojirushi so that you can do the special program. If you don’t have a Zo, then I’d go with sour milk bread. It’s our “regular” bread and we use it in everything from sandwiches to toast. In my opinion it does NOT mush.

      Let me know which recipe you try and what you think.

  5. Joshua Wood

    I followed everything in your post and the top of my loaf of bread collapsed. Any ideas?

    1. Marsha

      Joshua, Check out this article on bread troubleshooting. There are some handy hints for just that situation.

  6. Aisha Ellis

    I don’t see instructions for the “punch” part which my. Breadman has in custom program mode. I just left it at the standard settings. Any tips for this?
    Is this a 2lb loaf? What setting loaf size should I select?
    Should oil go with water at the bottom of the pan or in the order listed? (Wet ingredients first?)

    1. Marsha

      Aish, I’m not sure what to do about the “punch” cycle. It is a 2 pound loaf. Add the ingredients according to your machine’s instructions.

  7. Kerry

    Program my VCR? What the heck is a VCR? 😉

  8. Maria

    Is there a way to make it with whole wheat flour?

    1. Marsha

      Hi Maria, I’m so sorry, but I’ve never tried this recipe with whole wheat flour. You might try replacing half the white flour with wheat and see how that turns out. If you do, I’d love to hear how it turns out.

  9. Ev Skiles

    Just made this recipe. Bread is fresh out of our Zojirushi Mini Home Bakery bread machine, and it tastes the delicious. I think the olive oil enhances the flavor. Wonderful recipe! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Tklatkz

    Hambuger buns? Please post. I live really far away from a city. No McDs ot even a Subway. Thomas

    1. Marsha

      Thomas, Here’s the hamburger bun recipe. We make it all the time and love it! I hope you do too!

  11. Kelly

    Thanks so much for the helpful ideas. I just got my zojirushi for Christmas and I love it. I have 3 kids under 4 years. We go through a lot of bread so I’m thrilled with a healthier homemade option. Anyway, I was wondering how you keep your bread fresh? I find it’s great for sandwiches the first day but day two is a bit tough and by day three we only use it for toast.

    1. Marsha

      Hi Kelly, I’m glad you like your new bread machine. It’s true that homemade bread just doesn’t keep as long. My strategy is to slice up any unused bread and put it in the freezer. Then I put the frozen bread in the toaster before I use it for sandwiches or toast.

  12. Anthony

    Can I use milk instead of milk powder? I’m sure if its possible, the amount would be different from the powdered milk. Do you know if this can be done and what is the ratio?

    1. Marsha

      Hi Anthony, I’ve never tried this but it should work. You’d replace the 2 Tablespoons of dried milk with 1/2 Cup of milk. You’d reduce the water by that much. So the water measurements get a little weird. It would be 1/2 cup, plus 1/3 cup PLUS 1 Tablespoon of water.

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