How Do You Measure Flour? — 3 Comments

  1. I use the weight method, as for me that is easier.

    I understand that one is supposed to “fluff” the flour, before measuring. I did not want the hassle and mess of using a sifter to fluff the flour. I remember how messy it was when my mother sifted flour when she baked. So taking the seemingly easy way out, I put a bowl on a digital scale, zero the scale, then start scooping until I get to the weight I want.

    The only wrinkle is that not all flour weighs the same. Bread and all-purpose is different than wheat, which is different than corn meal. So I have to keep track of the flour that is called for in the recipe. But once I write the weight into my recipe, it is done.

    BTW, I also now weigh my water. I have 4 different measuring cups, and 1 cup of water in any one cup does not measure 1 cup in the other 3 cups. argh No wonder I could not get my bread to be consistent.

  2. I did a weight comparison, so I could adjust the recipes.

    The scoop and level method (as I did it) came out at about 140 grams per cup of bread flour, vs. the 120 grams per cup as printed on the bag. This is about 17% more than the weight method.

    I expected the difference because the scoop and level compresses the flour as it is scooped, so it should be heavier. I just did not know how much heavier it would be.

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