Orange Raisin Brioche Recipe for the Bread Machine — 17 Comments

  1. I made this just on Saturday. I followed directions, checked to see if the dough “looked ok”, I felt it did. Let it rise, bake in machine. When it was done, it hadn’t raised what I thought was a good raise, (yes the yeast was good!) it was just too dense. Didn’t care for it as I tried to cut, toast it and it wasn’t very good. I’ve tried a couple of your other ones and (yes with the same yeast ect.) they turned out pretty good.

  2. Brioche in a Zoji! You have my attention!
    Question though: in all your recipes, you never mention sifting. My Zoji says not to, but when I fail to do so, even with a gentle insertion of flour, it becomes a brick. The sift works better but not perfect. Any ideas? I am going to get some fresh raisens and flour today to try this for the weekend. My nose is already smelling it! 🙂
    Thank you!

    • Hi Kim, Let me know how this turns out. I really liked it, but another reader had a horrible time with it. So I’m eager to hear about how it does for you.

      Regarding the sifting, great question! I do not sift my flour and it hasn’t been a problem. Here’s a post I did about the bread brick. (I even called it that in the post!) And in any recipe that uses more than a half cup of water, I’m now using bottled, drinking water. We moved to this house a year and a half ago and the well water here just is not good for making bread. I’m not sure if it’s the minerals in the water or what. But the dough is really sticky and miserable to work with if I use tap water.

  3. In order to avoid the paddle holes in any of my bread machine baked breads, I remove the paddle from the machine just before the last knead. It’s very easy…just pull out the dough ball, remove the paddle & stick the dough back in the baking container (I usually give it a bit of a squeeze to remove some air before sticking it back in & shaping it to the container). Just leaves a small hole where the pin that holds the paddle is.

  4. Wow, just found your website and i’m having a blast! Just tried this recipe since we have a bunch of oranges left over from Christmas. The butter had me a bit puzzled too, in part because 1/2 cup of liquid to 3 cups of flour just didn’t seem right. So i melted the butter and combined it with the milk and water, which gave me my typical 1 cup of liquid. The trick i finally found that ensures the bread rises properly for ALL my bread machine recipes (maybe it’s my machine, maybe it’s the 6,000-foot altitude in a somewhat cold cabin) is to make sure my liquid measures between 125 to 130 degrees F, and add it last. For this recipe, i also soaked the raisins in red wine, drained, then coated them slightly with cinnamon just before adding them at the beep. This recipe is a keeper! I’m excited to try more. I think maybe the cheese bread next :-).

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