Bread Machine Pound Cake — 101 Comments

    • I had the same thing with my cuisinart and what size loaf are we suppose to pick I picked 1 1/2 and it’s a very small loaf but consistancy seems like normal pound cake

    • According to my experience, this happens when the flour is put in the pan first. In bread machines, it is very important to put all liquids (e.g. water, eggs, milk etc.)first and add the flour and other dry ingredients later.

  1. I find that if you take a spatula and scrape around the outside of the pan during the initial mixing, the bread comes out perfect. Thanks for a great bread machine recipe.

  2. Love this recipe! Today I am adding chopped aplles to it. I hope iy will work well. Thank you for such a lovely basic recipe for the bdead machine. 5 stars!!

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