Banana Jam Recipe for the Bread Machine — 28 Comments

  1. We normally pick up some hot pepper jam over at Pike Place Market here in Seattle. There is a place that specializes in all those exotic types. Good stuff! I’ll have to try looking into making it myself as we have family in Arizona that really likes the hot stuff!

  2. BTW, what type of bread maker do you have?! I just noticed you have two paddles! Are they smaller so you don’t get the big paddle holes when you bake breads?

  3. This sounds really good. Can you substitute lemon juice for the juice of three lemons, if so about how much would that be.

    I love your site, I found it while trying to adapt bread machine recipes that cook the bread to the dough cycle. I prefer to cook mine in the oven so it looks more normal.

    Any tips on that would be great.

    Kindest regards,


    • Hi Laurie – Thanks so much for the kind words about the site.

      Regarding the banana jam, I use ReaLemon juice from concentrate instead of fresh lemons. The bottle says that three tablespoons is the same as the juice for one lemon.

  4. Did you ever experiment with a hot pepper jelly in the bread machine? I am trying to figure out how to tweak a recipe to make in mine.

    • Jackie, I haven’t done that experiment yet. Hot pepper jelly sounds so good. I can picture it on a cracker with some cream cheese. Yum! Let me know if you get a recipe figured out.

  5. Does anyone know if you can take homemade jam and go straight from the bread machine to hot, sterilized jars for canning?

  6. Hi Jill,
    Regarding the canning what I do when I cook jams is that first I boil the jars and lids. Then I let them dry. When the jam is ready I fill the cans with the heated jam and place the lids hard. As a final step I turn them up-side down in order to get a vacum effect. They can stay in the jar up to a year without teh jam going bad. BTW when I cook jam the without the bread machine I add the lemon juice in the end in order toi prevent the jam from going stiff. What happens when you cook it in the bread machine, what’s the texture of the jam?

  7. Hi Marsha,

    Made strawberry jam in my X20, think I made a mistake putting one package of pectin in with the strawberries, sugar and lemon juice.
    Was I suppose to mix it in after the strawberries cooked in the machine…????

    Should I use liquid pectin or the powdered (SURE-JELL)?

    Also, do you let it cool in the bread pan before you transfer the jam into jars…???? Heard you should turn the jars upside down… it necessary?

    Again, Thanks for your help!!!!I left a comment under SANDWICH BREAD RECIPE/SANDWICH BREAD PROGRAM you were nice enough to share with us….:-)

    • Hi Marion,

      I haven’t used pectin in my jams that frequently. So I’m not sure which is the best type to use. When I do use pectin, I put them right into the mixture before it cooks.

      I let the jam cool in the machine. Then I put it into a refrigerator container and into the fridge it goes. We eat it so fast that we don’t worry about sealing it.

      I’d love to hear about your further jam adventures!

  8. Hi Trista, For a stovetop method I’d try cooking it on low heat for about an hour. Just as with the other method, when you’re done skim off the froth, let it cool and put the jam in the refrigerator.

  9. I have just purhased a new zojirushi BB-CEC20 & this has a dough cycle my question is I would like to make the dough for the bread in the machine & pull it out & bake it in the oven,what are the steps/hints for doing this also oven temp./time etc. Thanks

  10. I just made my first loaf of bread (raisin bread) in the zojirushi BBCCX20. Love this machine!
    I am diabetic and trying to eliminate sugar (as much as possible) from my diet. Have you ever used sugar substitutes like Monk Fruit powder or Splenda blends when making bread or jams?

    • Hi Donna, I use splenda in my breads and it tastes great. Im also diabetic. I use splenda for the cakes in the bread machine as well. You just use the same amount as you would sugar.

  11. Hi Donna, I’m glad you’re having a great time with your bread machine. I adore mine! I haven’t used sugar substitutes in the recipes. If you try can you post and let us know how it went? I’m sure others are wondering the same thing.

  12. In regards to the person who ask about making jam in bread machine and then preserving it. I have done this by putting the jars in a hot water bath and it last as long as regular jam making.

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