Cheese and Onion Bread for the Bread Machine — 16 Comments

    • Hi Marion! Yes, I used the basic white bread setting. Let me know how you like this. It’s one of my favorites. It smells wonderful when it’s cooking too.

  1. Tonight was the first time I ever made bread and this was my first recipe. The ratio of cheese and onion is perfect. The taste of each is present, but not overwhelming. Another benefit to this recipe is the great aroma the entire time it’s baking. I will definitely make cheese and onion bread again!

  2. Marcha,
    I can’t find the instructions for my Oster bread machine and I’d like to make your bread SOON.
    Any idea on the order ingredients should go into the machine? I’d like to take the bread to a chuirch soup supper.

  3. This recipe turns out absolutely incredible all on its own, but I have one addition to make: bacon. Specifically, three strips of crispy bacon, blotted dry, and finely chopped. It adds a great flavor to the cheddar and onion. Actually, I’m thinking of trying this as a dinner roll and serving it as an appetizer.

  4. I have the Zojirushi Virtuoso machine that has a beep when you should put in extra ingredients. In this recipe do you add the cheese and onion in the beginning or later at the beep?

  5. I am going to try this recipe, but I’m going to try it with banana peppers instead of the onion. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  6. Plan on making this on Sunday, Gona add bacon to it like I saw above , I see your using basic white for the setting so are you using regular active dry yeast? With my zojirushi it seems for rapid bread supposed to use instant or bread machine yeast everything else active dry yeast

  7. Hi Marsha, I plan on making this bread in my Zo next weekend but I will substitute turkey pepperoni for the onion. I can’t wait!!

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