Early Christmas Present – a New Bread Machine — 16 Comments

  1. I have had my zo for a couple years now and it has gotten a lot of use but I was wondering if you have gotten a recipe that you use so much that your able to use the delay function so you can actually add all the ingredients and set it and wake up to a fresh loaf of bread. I’m always adding more water than what a recipe calls for it seems to get the dough just right. I know a lot has to do with the temperature and loaves come out good but it kinda seems like this is a useless function, I have tried this with my old machine and it was pretty much hit or miss. Most of the time the loaves weren’t quite right

    • I haven’t used the delay function of the bread machine. I’ve always wondered about it though. I’ve added it to my to-do list as it’ll be a fun experiment. I’ll do a blog post about it when I’ve tried it.

  2. Marsha, have you used the Homemade function on this Zojirushi? Sometimes I feel like bread machine-made bread comes out better when you just use the dough cycle and then a regular oven to bake. But I haven’t used the Homemade function, which lets you program all the rising times, shape, and bake back in the machine. It seems a bit complicated.

    • Great question. I’ve used the homemade function and it’s not as difficult as it looks. You can find the recipes here – I don’t recommend the meatloaf though.

      I want to experiment more with the homemade funtion to make cakes. I’ve only found one cake recipe that I think is good enough to post and I know that people want to see more recipes like that. The problem is that my bread machine cakes either turn out to be undercooked or tough because they’ve been stirred too much. I’m hoping the homemade function might take care of those issues.

      • thank you! I guess I will avoid the meatloaf and will check out your recipes. That’s interesting that the cake didn’t turn out so well…

        This morning I bit the bullet and learned how to program the Homemade function, even though I was somewhat intimidated. I’m trying the crusty French bread from the manual, wish me luck. Now I am going to look at your recipe page… thank you for providing this resource.

          • My household loves pound cake!

            The crusty French bread turned out great. I had a brief scare when I thought it wasn’t rising enough but it ended up being fine.

            I may have to replace the pan because there are a few nicks in it from when I did not adequately secure the paddles. They came loose and scratched the pan – probably not a good thing when you have a nonstick coating.

  3. I got another loaf of banana bread going today ( grandson here) this time I added 4 extra tablespoons of milk to get the dough just right, last time it was 3,I don’t know if that 1 extra spoon of milk would make a huge difference or not , I don’t want to get into weighing the flour like some do, I am going to start taking notes on how much extra liquid I use and attempt to use this delay function with this machine

    • Let me know how it goes. Oh, and be careful what recipe that you use with the delayed cycle. Since the ingredients have to sit in the pan overnight it’s best not to use that cycle with a recipe that has eggs or other things that might go bad.

    • Karl,
      I weigh my flour.
      To me, it is seems easier and less messy, than sifting/wisking the flour to unpack the flour then measuring it, to get a consistent volume of flour.
      I just put the bowl on the scale and zero the scale, then keep scooping flour in, until it reaches the weight for x cups of flour. Done, and no mess from sifting/wisking.

      • Thanks Gary,
        I guess I might need to start doing this to get consistsnt results,,especially with loaves I use on delay mode, which kind of scale are you using?

        • I just went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got low cost DIGITAL kitchen scale that could measure in grams.
          Be careful, as I have a scale that I got earlier that would only measure in 5 gram increments, not 1 gram. That is several teaspoons of flour difference.

  4. I got distracted when selecting the course making this loaf and didn’t catch it till it was way to late, had it on the quick cycle. I started getting ingredients ready for the next loaf once this came out. This loaf didn’t rise as tall as the others I have made and didn’t brown well, anyways I started another loaf as fast as I could( said to hot at first) added all the ingredients and 4 extra tablespoons of milk and walked away, checked on it once and consistency was good, the loaf came out looking great. I wouldn’t try this with the delay because of the egg as one of the ingredients but next weekend I’m going to try a different loaf and see if I can get this down pat, I’ll be using this machine much more if I get good results

  5. I also haven’t had the chance to get to Sams club in quite a while to get a big bag of bread flour so I have been using king author all purpose flour for my loaves and they come out great, I read it has more gluten or something than other brands and works well with bread and rolls ( yea more expensive ) till I get to SAMs I’m going to keep using this, I’m sure the liquid amounts will change once I switch flours and I think it will also change once it gets hotter here

  6. I am new to bread machine baking but am doing pretty well so far. My question is how do I convert a 2lb loaf recipe down to a 1 pound loaf? I am having to throw out part of the larger loaves because they get stale before we can finish them. Can I simply cut the recipe in half? Thank you for any help you can provide. Heather

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