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  1. hi!
    I bought the book that you wrote with skip mcgrath about how to make money blogging and it is GREAT! I now have my own blog and I was hoping you could answer a question for me. (I have been using your blog for reference and it is very good even if I don’t have a breadmaker!)
    How do you get the “subscribe by email” widget/thingy that you have at the top of your page?? I have the rss feed thingy but I don’t know how to get the subscribe by email one. if you can help, THANKS!

  2. Stephanie – Thanks so much for your kind words. And you really might want to consider getting the bread machine. 🙂 I obviously love mine.

    That’s a great question about the subscribe by email. For the answer, head on over to my blog about websites and WordPress.

    For those of you that don’t know, I co-wrote a book on making money blogging from home. It’s been an exciting time as the book came out the same time that I was packing for my move.

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