Website Update – New Home Page and Site Outage — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Marsha…love the new look. Especially, the scrolling Featured Content.

    I posted previous message under corn bread by mistake, sorry!

  2. Your very welcome!

    I have a large rosemary bush in the back yard…planning on making your rosemary bread this week. Will let you know how it turns out…:-)

  3. Marsha, to be honest I liked the layout of your former site. Felt more like home.

    The homepage is seems sterile. Thought I was on the wrong site.

    Sure your recipes are awesome as ever. Wouldn’t of said anything onmy own. Thought you would appreciate my honest opinion.

    • Marion, Thanks so much for your honest opinion! Do you think the new logo is the problem? Maybe the colors? Let me know what you think. And again, thank you so much for saying something. It’s hard to know what works on a site and doesn’t. Input like this is invaluable!

  4. Hi Marsha…ignore my previous message. Somehow when I went to your website it opened your recipe list. Thought that was your homepage, sorry!

  5. Marsha I did’t see your reply to my original post.

    Possibly a more colorful background.maybe a plaid to give it a little punch. Love the print option. Don’t have to copy and paste anymore…–)

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